Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

“Well this was a delightful little film. Fun throwback to older style comedies. I’d been curious about this one since it was turned into a musical a few years ago (which I have yet to see) that got some good reviews and the first Tony for Norbert Leo Butz (I watched him win his second in Catch Me if You Can) opposite the incomparable John Lithgow. Wow that was a long run on.

Steve Martin and Michael Caine (two of the finest actors alive) play rival con men in a small European town. They make a bet on conning a young woman, resulting in hilarious attempts to one up each other. This film is just a master class in comedic acting. Martin’s always been a favorite of mine (I grew up watching Father of the Bride on repeat), and this is a much more fun and loose Caine than I’m used to. The two play off each other brilliantly, and I’m sad it had taken me so long to see this. So many fun and clever twists along the way, I can see how it’d be fun on stage. Now I need to find a production in the area.”

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