The Rover

“Well this was a lapse in judgement. I didn’t really know much about the film other than our two leads. I’d seen the trailer a couple times. I liked the vibe, but I didn’t quite get what it would be about. Well that’s never really stopped me before, has it?

After spending the weekend in NYC, I’d planned to take the next Mon off. I had the vacation days to burn, and figured it’d be nice to have a typical “”weekend”” day instead of rushing into the work week. Typical weekend day usually involves a movie. I’d already been on Fri, so I really didn’t need to go see another one. But I’m stubborn like that. Even that morning, there were several points where I felt lazy and like I shouldn’t go. Again, creature of habit. Did I really wanna spend the entire day at home? Well most of the day (I’d at least escape for a late yoga class). I should have stayed home.

This movie was just dull. It felt like nothing much was really happening. The setting was kind of strange and uncomfortable. We’re in Australia, some time after it’s collapsed. Guy Pearce gets his car stolen by some guys who just committed a crime. He goes after them to get his car. Robert Pattinson, whose brother is one of the car theives, had been left for dead after said crime, and eventually finds his way to Pearce. They chase after the car and brother.

The dystopian landscape was one I did not want to be in. It looked so hot and dirty, I felt gross watching. We never really knew too much about what was going on or why the land was in such a state of anarchy. People did bad things without thought or consequence. No one cared. Not even me. It did seem strange how much Pearce cared about his \m/ car, but by the time we eventually find out why, it didn’t matter to me anymore. I just wanted out.

I appreciate that Pattinson is trying to break out as a serious actor, but he could have at least picked a coherent character. I couldn’t tell if he was mentally ill or just dumb, or if he was supposta be Australian or if that accent was meant to be southern US. He just stuttered a lot. And Pearce just looked annoyed throughout. Meanwhile, nothing else happened. The guys road tripped. Sometimes shots were fired. I dozed off a few times. I really don’t understand what the point was.

The Rover – \m/

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