The Fifth Estate

“I missed this film’s brief theatrical run because my mom was in town. I figured I could drag her to one movie that week, and opted for Captain Phillips. I just assumed I’d have another chance for Fifth Estate, but I was not expecting it to flop so hard and disappear.

It’s not so bad as that flop would suggest, but it’s not quite the thriller that it claims to be either. It’s just kind of bland. The story of Julian Assange and Wikileaks should be interesting, but it just plays out so slowly. Usually I adore Bennedict Cumberbatch, but Assange is such a flat and unlikeable character, that Cumberbatch charm isn’t allowed to come thru and save the day. Daniel Bruhl also doesn’t get as meaty of a character as I would have liked. Had this fared better, it could have given him the push needed to earn the Oscar nod for Rush.

Twice now, I’ve tried watching it and I just can’t stay focused. The story’s flat, the acting’s flat, it’s just not as engaging as it should be. Pity really. Our two leads should have been awesome.”

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