The Signal

“I’d actually meant to catch this at a sneak a few weeks ago. I think there was even supposta be a Q&A with the director in person. I’d had it on my calendar for days, but then started fighting off a cold. With an NYC trip coming up at the end of the week, I opted to stay home and watch The Visitor and Road House instead. Now that it’s out for reals, I added it onto my Fri evening with Obvious Child.

I just didn’t get The Signal. It started off good. I liked our three kids. Although the fact that they were supposta be from MIT might have had something to do with that. We’re following them on a road trip, getting to know them, when they decide to take a detour to basically catfish an internet prankster. Weird things happen and suddenly they’re in some secret lab staring down Laurence Fishburne.

Fishburne was the strongest part of the film for me. His patient and restrained demeanor was a perfect fit. It did add to the frustration of not getting enough information quickly to know what was happening, but he certainly set the mood in a skillfull way.

So there were weird things, and then more questions than answers, and then a really slow and plodding pace until it would get frenetic and uncontrolled. By the time we did find out what was going on, I didn’t really care any more. The end was just unsatisfying in that it didn’t expand much beyond what I’d predicted. I just wish we could have gotten more out of the middle.”

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