“Another victim of my once hectic musical theater schedule. Even though this movie looked a little bland at best, it’s still my kind of flick. I can’t stay away. Except this time I kinda had to, at least until the BluRay was out.

So I watched it, and it just couldn’t hold my attention. Bland really is the right word. Not a whole lot going on, and the big “”twist”” is pretty reminiscent of another scifi I recently blogged. Tonight I just couldn’t get into it either. It’s just so plodding and unoriginal. Not necessarily bad, just not really trying. At least Cruise redeemed himself with Edge of Tomorrow. Well, redeemed himself for this movie at least. He’s still got a ways to go for his career as a whole.

And then my mom texted me the URL where I could stream the Spurs victory river parade. And now I’m really not watching this movie. It was actually kinda cute that she first texted and said that I could watch it on [Texas local channel]. I guess they then gave the web site cause she sent that after I told her that I didn’t get that channel here.”

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