“Okay this time, I know exactly how I heard about this film. When I was in high school, there was a tv show I was hooked on. I don’t remember the name, but I think it was on E! and it was basically half an hour of movie trailers. Keep in mind, this was before the days of YouTube or IMDB, watching trailers on demand. I also was not yet at the point where I was the movies every week where I’d end up catching the same trailers over and over. I lived for this show.

One day, and only once that I ever caught, they had a trailer for this cool and bizarre looking scifi, eXistenZ. I mentally put it on my watch list. And then I never heard anything else about it. My hometown only got the biggest of the big movies, so this never had a prayer. I soon forgot about the film, but it haunted me. Every so often I’d see mention of it, and lament that I never got the chance to watch it. Then I’d forget and I wouldn’t seek it out, until two years ago when I caught wind of the BluRay release.

Jude Law seems to be popping up in a lot of blog movies lately. Okay well he was in Gattaca. I also seem to be drawn to Cronenberg, who I forgot was behind this. Eastern Promises was here recently, and I was highly considering Cosmpolis, which will likely make the next pass thru the DVD collection. My God, Cronenberg is awesome.

It’s the future. Video games have evolved into full blown virtual reality experiences. A group of people are assembled to preview the latest interactive and submersive game alongside it’s creator Allegra Gellar (Jennifer Jason Leigh). Just as they’re getting started, there’s an attempt made on her life. She escapes with Ted Pikul (Jude Law) and they’re led on a dangerous chase for survival while also trying to repair the game that was damaged in the scuffle. But in order to know what’s going on with the game, they need to go inside it.

This movie is such a fun thriller. Okay, some of it gets pretty cheesy, and I’ve never been sold on Leigh (can she ever act without looking like she’s high?), but it’s unique and clever. The twists are dizzying, and it stays with you. Keeps you thinking long after the curtains roll. It’s def one to pay attention to when you watch. No multitasking or you’ll miss something important. I also kinda wish this game was for real. Well I guess the technology needs to get there first.”

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