“One of the most underrated and overlooked Disney animated films, right as the second golden age was starting to dim. She may not be a very traditional princess, but that shouldn’t make her any less deserving of the title. She’s a rather solid independent woman, which alone is an admirable trait. I’ve always loved her, but that could be in part because I knew her story beforehand. Regardless, I was very excited when she was in the Princess walk a few years back during my annual summer vacation trip to Disneyland. There’s always 3 random princesses that switch throughout the day. Even the attendant letting people in was surprised to see her. Apparently her appearances are rare.

I think one of the big points against this was the big historical inaccuracies. It’s one thing when a story isn’t too well known. Or when something’s clearly presented as a fictionalized version. But this was a well known story with a fairly serious portrayal, so it didn’t sit right with a lot of people. Historical inaccuracies aside, it’s still a beautiful story of acceptance. I do appreciate that the animals, while anthropomorphic and adorable, didn’t have speaking voices. Different and effective.

As is usually the case with Disney films, the music is utterly gorgeous. Sure, some of the songs get lovingly teased today, but listening to it all together is beautiful. Even if it’s not the most remembered soundtrack. Nice trip down nostalgia lane

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