Men in Black

“I really should be picking more unfamiliar movies. That was part of the idea behind this initiative. But I have a confession. I have been granted access to an HBO GO login. If I watch things on my computer, I can’t game at the same time. So I hafta do that while watching something on my tv. I’ve got a pretty big HBO queue I’m anxious to go thru, so I’m only affording myself a small amount of time per day for a blog movie. And if I’m gonna blog a movie I’m watching while I’m gaming, it tends to go better if I already know it. Thus I chose Men In Black today. Yesterday’s decision for Puncture was made under similar circumstances.

This film is still as awesome as it was back in the day. I credit Will Smith for much of that. His signature charm carries the movie and creates some of its most memorable moments. Casting such a vivacious actor against someone as restrained as Tommy Lee Jones was genius. He steals so many scenes by seemingly not doing anything at all.

For me, this movie isn’t about the thru-plot. It’s about the individual moments. The noisy cricket. The car ride in the tunnel. The regenerating alien heads. The “”flashy thing””. I mean honestly, if you haven’t seen this movie in the past five years, could you tell me how the plot played out? And if you haven’t seen this movie in the past five years, you should get on that. Time for a refresher!”

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