“And here is where I have the opportunity to evangelize another underappreciated gem: Puncture. I think it was just a slow movie weekend and an interesting premise that drew me to this one. And I prolly figured that if nothing else, Chris Evans would provide good eye candy. But there was so much more to it.

This is one of Evans’ best performances, or at least one of the meatiest roles he’s had thus far. He plays Mike Weiss, a real life drug addict and lawyer who takes on an unlikely case against big hospital corporations. He meets a nurse who was accidentally stuck with a needle after it was used on an HIV positive patient, thus infecting her with the virus. After the accident, a friend invented a safety needle that would prevent secondary needle sticks, but bureaucracy and greed keeps it off the shelves, despite overwhelming demand from nurses for it. Weiss and his partner Paul Danzinger try to dig as deep as they can into the corruption in their fight to put these safety needles in circulation.

It’s just a really interesting and unique story. Sure, we get stories about legal workers way too often in films, and they usually are these longshot cases, but the details of this one are so intriguing. Weiss is a really interesting character. He lives in a dark world of addiction, and fights for this case like it’s another one. Oh and he uses the safety needles himself.”

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