Tucker and Dale vs Evil

“I’ve blogged about A LOT of cabin in the woods type horror movies, especially in the past few months. Totally unintentional. But is it okay if I add in a parody of the genre? I love this little unknown gem. I don’t know how it first got on my radar, but it’s obscurity promps me to recommend it often. I even featured it at a recent birthday movie night.

Alan “”Leaf on the wind”” Tudyk and Tyler Labine are Tucker and Dale, a pair of awkward rednecks headed to their cabin in the woods vacation home. At the same time, there’s a group of college kids vacation in the same woods. Thru lots of coincidence and misunderstanding, the kids are led to falsely believe that the rednecks are out to kill them, when the truth is they’re only trying to be friendly and helpful and don’t understand that the kids are afraid of them. You just kinda need to see it to know what I mean. At least check out the trailer and you’ll get an idea. It’s so smart and silly and I love it so much.

30 Rock’s Katrina Bowden is pretty cool as one of the kids, but the rest of them are a bit annoying. It’s all good though. Most of them don’t survive anyways.”

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