Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

“Oh Brandon Routh. Had a big shot at Hollywood with the unfortunate Superman Returns, and then got relegated to a graveyard of smallers films. Released under the radar, without much fanfare. I’d barely heard about Dylan Dog when it was quietly released 4 years ago. It was in and out of theaters in a week, so I missed it. I’d actually been kinda excited to see this. Routh plays a supernatural private investigator, solving crimes in a world of zombies and vampires. He’s got Sam Huntington as his partner/sidekick. You’d think it’d be right up my alley. So why can I just not get into it? I spaced out on it the first time I watched, which is why I picked it when it’s cubby came around, and I still can’t get into it. Maybe I can just blame it on the headache.

I think its a combination of half baked story with overdone subjects. I love me some vampires, but that also means I’ve seen it all. Little bits are pieced together from various mythologies, and not much is new or exciting. I do, however, like some of the zombie lore. Particularly the “”zombie beauty regimen”” in which zombies keep themselves in tact by bathing in cleaning products.

Routh is trying really really hard though, acting as hard as he can! He fully commits to what should be a badass character, but he’s just kinda drowning in this dull film. Alas neither that nor Huntington’s signature charm are enough to save this clunker.”

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