Soylent Green

“This has to be one of the all time most universally spoiled movies. I think we all know what “”soylent green”” is, yeah? Raise your hand if you do. Now say it with me, people! (See what I did there?) But who knows what the movie is about? Not so quick to raise your hands huh?

It’s the future, and one that is not so distant now as it was in 1973 when this film was made, and an overpopulated planet leaves resources scarce. Charleton Heston is a detective investigating the death of a rich man, and it brings him dangerously close to the corporation responsible for the synthetic food source of the masses.

I’m surprised that as big an impact soylent green (the substance in the movie) has on pop culture, that there aren’t other aspects of the film that made their mark too. You’d think you’d hear more guys sarcastically referring to their gals as “”furniture””. In this world, rich sugar daddies would buy expensive apartments that included a hired girl to do their bidding. The girls are known as furniture and are considered a part of the units for rent. Although the bigger surprise is that you don’t see scoops anywhere else. Those riot control garbage trucks that scoop up people would have been meme-worthy in today’s world. I mean really, how absurd is that concept?

Wait, so these big garbage truck like objects just scoop people up off the street? Then what? Where do they go? What happens to them? Oh.

Anyone else hungry?”

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