“I love this movie. I can’t believe it took me so long to see this for the first time. I think I saw the BluRay on sale and thought “”huh. Why haven’t I seen this yet?”” Such a unique and engrossing story. It’s the future and the world’s gone all virtual insanity, or at least the part that has to do with genetic engineering.

What started out as trying to free your children from diseases has led to breeding superior humans. Those with the proper genetic makeup are privileged “”Valids””. Those who aren’t are “”Invalid””. Certain career opportunities are only available to the genetically elite. Vincent’s (Ethan Hawke) genetics were left to chance, in other words, natural, so he’s considered inferior. That doesn’t really work with his dream of being an astronaut. He wants nothing more than to go into space, but that is an occupation reserved only for the more superior. Thru a shady middleman, he meets Jerome (Jude Law), a genetically perfect specimen who is left confined to a wheelchair after an accident. Vincent assume’s Jerome’s identity and genetics, altering his appearance and “”borrowing”” various bits of genetic material to present at a moment’s notice. Blood tests, urine samples, etc. Everything is going great and Vincent is on track to go into space until some of his DNA is found at a murder scene.

Seriously, this story is unlike any I’ve seen. Sure, we’ve seen people assume other’s identities, but not to these extremes. It is so suspenseful and so smart. Quick and engaging throughout, nearly flawless and beautiful in its own way”

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