Dead Snow

“We’ve dealt with a lot of films in the cabin in the woodsy subgenre of horror. Cabin in the Woods, Cabin Fever, Evil Dead, the other Evil Dead. We haven’t had a winter cabin before. You know what else we haven’t had? Zombie Nazis! That’s what we’ve got in this Norwegian horror comedy. Zombie Nazis in the snow. Gnarly.

Hmm about that comedy. IMDB bills this as a horror comedy, but I’m not getting that vibe. It’s pretty much straight up horror. Although there is a level of self awareness (ala previous films I mentioned whose names start with Cabin) that kind of winks to ask forgiveness for the absurdity. But it’s not really making me laugh.

Okay it did start to get a bit funnier in the last act. But still not a laugh out loud. However we did progress from the occassional smirk to the light chuckle. And even a few WTF?!’s in there.

I guess the moral of the story is that if you’re out in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and find a small wooden box filled with WWII era coins and keepsakes, put it back!!!”

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