“I got this DVD sometime back because I noticed a large Fletch-shaped gap in my pop culture knowledge. Ben Affleck was quoted as saying he often jokes about charging things to Underhill, and when the person (often hotel staff) gets the reference, he knows he’s found a friend. I myself have many similar pop culture tests. Just last week, I made an obscure reference to Mighty Ducks 2 towards a friend, who did instantly get it. Friendship reaffirmed! But back to Ben, I wanted to be a kindred spirit. I wanted to get these jokes and others. And then the BluRay went on sale a Best Buy. And now I know what it means to charge to Underhill.

Chevy Chase is an investigative reporter known for going all out to find his stories. All out usually includes some ridiculous costume and a name that tips off most casual movie goers that he’s not for real, yet somehow no one else ever catches on. He gets in a little deep on a story and hilarity ensues. Much hilarity. I think I get why this is a classic.”

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