Angels and Demons

“And we have moved onto the BluRay section of the wall! There’s only half as many as DVDs, so this should be quicker.

Oh man, everyone remember the hype of The Da Vinco Code? Everyone was reading that book. So Hollywood rushed an A list team to crank out a movie. It did well, even if highly criticized, so they moved on movie-fying the prequel (is it technically a prequel if it really was written first?). Did less well and got even more criticism. Not long after, everyone forgot and moved onto the next thing.

I enjoyed the full lot. Both books and both movies. Of course, I went in my usual order of movie then book, which naturally made me a bit more forgiving. With Da Vinci Code, I did lose some love for the film after reading the book and realizing how watered down it was. Angels and Demons sits a little better with me.

I think I prefer A&D because it’s more streamlined. DVC is all over the place, with some really lofty and controversial ideals driving the whole thing. I enjoy the puzzles, but I find the A&D ones to be easier to wrap my head around and slightly more plausible. Also, Ewan McGregor!

I also find the context interesting, specifically around conclave. While I was raised Christian, I attended Catholic school, so I am fairly well versed in it. But this was a subject we didn’t really touch on. I may not have enjoyed participating in much of the rituals, but that doesn’t mean I’m not fascinated by them.

Thought that just hit me. I’m not particularly big on world travel. It’s never really interested me. But I think it would be a lot of fun to follow the path laid out here.”

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