Step Up

“As much as I love dance, I tend to avoid the big cheesy dance movies that show up in the theater every couple of months. While there’s no denying that the moves are awesome, the stories tend to be a little too thin. You’re not likely to catch me at one of the sequels, but the original Step Up gets a pass in my book. After all, this is the movie that gave the world Channing Tatum.

I still have a hard time believing this is the film that gave him his start. With the exception of showing off some moves in Magic Mike, his career has evolved to such a different path than pretty much anyone else who’s ever done one of these films. Step Up also gave us Jenna Dewan, who would later become Jenna Dewan-Tatum, marrying her leading man, to the envy of every girl who’s ever laid eyes on the boy.

One thing I do absolutely love about this film is the mix of dance styles. The way that hip hop and ballet are combined is genius and gorgeous. The music also has a mix of classical and hip hop, which matches up perfectly. I’m actually kinda glad that I picked this week to watch it, since I was gonna attempt to get back into ballet this weekend. I told myself I need to at least attend as many classes to total the amount I paid for my new ballet slippers (I could only find one shoe from my old pair). I know I’m gonna wanna jump up and join in by the end of the movie.

The uber baggy clothing is not doing Chan any justice. I just wanna throw him in the dryer and hope he comes out with a better fit. That body should not be allowed to hide behind so many miles of fabric.”

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