About a Boy

“Thought I’d go with something light and fun today. Saw this once before and had a very “”aww”” sort of enjoyment. The book’s been on my buy list (albeit very low on the priorities) but mostly because I’m told that Nirvana and Kurt Cobain play a big factor. “”About a Boy”” is supposta be a play on About a Girl. The film uses rap music instead.

Oh that’s right. I totally forgot that Nicholas Hoult was our titular Boy.

Hugh Grant is a lazy man-child. Hates kids. Selfish. Never really does much of anything. In trying to hook up with single moms, he meets Marcus, a young kid in need of a father figure. The two form an unlikely (if reluctant, on Grant’s part at least) friendship. Sounds sappy, and yeah it is. But it’s a kind of sap I can handle, at least in small doses.

I like the dual narrative, back and forth between Grant and Hoult. It’s different, and it has some humorous opportunities when both boys perceive the same event differently. There’s an awkwardness to the film, but it feels very real. Both a point for and against.

I’m actually kinda curious about the spin off tv show that just started airing this season. It’s getting decent buzz. Might be worth checking out if it lasts.

I still can’t get over bite sized Nicholas Hoult. Even at such a young age, he had such presence and charisma. I first saw him in A Single Man, opposite Colin Firth, and was just drawn in to him. It’s nice knowing a child actor with such potential went on to fulfill it.”