War Games

“Shall we play a game? One of the most iconic lines of the 80s. Recently spoofed in a very popular superhero movie you can find at the theater right now.

I actually only first saw this recently. I got completely absorbed reading Ready Player One, the geekiest most nerdgasm inducing book I’ve ever encountered. Full of 80s pop culture references. As much as I’m tempted to, I won’t get into the whole story now, but War Games played a big part of it.

War Games stars 80s icons Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. As far as brat pack girls, most people think of Molly Ringwald as the face of the era, but I always preferred Ally. Basketcase over princess anyday.

Technology sure has come a long way in 30 years. And thankfully so has internet security. You don’t want just any old hacker taking control of our nuclear arsenal. IMDB tells me that when some of the security measures were added, clips of the movie were used to illustrate why that effort was important. Also, I thought it was bad back in my day when you connected the internet over the phone. Ferris Bueller here had to actually pick up the phone and dial to connect. Thank God for wifi!

The film has a really fun premise, but I find it starts dragging about halfway thru. Maybe since I didn’t grow up with it, the charm of the ancient technology is lost on me.”

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