Make Your Move

“There’s a lot of pretty celeb boys that I swoon over, often gushing all over this blog which likely induces vomiting in the few readers I have. But the absolute biggest crush I have is on Derek Hough, 5 time Dancing With the Stars winner (no other pro has won more than twice), and world champion dancer. He is by far the strongest DWTS choreographer (I’m not easily impressed, and he often gets compliments from the judges even though they’re supposta focus on the celebs), and that gorgeous boy is just so full of charisma. The level of obsession we’re talking here rivals me during my jr high boy band phase. Two years ago, he took a season off from the show to film a movie. Originally titled Cobu 3D (I guess there was a 3D plan at some point), it was released in the US without much fanfare as Make Your Move. Derek himself even forgot the movie was coming out, when during a post dance interview on DWTS he didn’t realize the fun he had planned that night that Erin Andrews was referring to was his movie premier. Wow grammer fail.

So this film is actually done by some of the same people behind the Step Up films and Save the Last Dance. And it shows. The writing is kinda bad. Very contrived and obvious storylines, cheesy dialog, the sorta goopy romance that normally you couldn’t even pay me to go see. But the dancing. OMG the dancing!

Derek, as much as I unequivocably love him, doesn’t have the acting thing quite down yet. He’s trying a little too hard, so the (bad) dialog doesn’t seem natural. And I’m sorry, but I just didn’t buy the bad boy past. Save the bad boy of the ballroom thing for Maksim Chmerkovsky. Derek is the ultimate nice guy. I just couldn’t believe that his Donny was jumping parole after two years in jail.

Then why did I leave the film absolutely giddy, excitedly texting my enthusiasm? Again, THE DANCING! That’s the real reason to see any of these films, yeah? And Derek is the best of the best. He’s good on DWTS. Like really really good. But aside from the occassional filler feature, he always has to hold back so that his partner can keep up. This time, his partner BoA could definitely keep up. Absolute jaw dropping moves, and like nothing I’d ever seen from him before. While it doesn’t surprise me that he can tap dance, I had no idea he had THAT level of tap. I always just associate him ballroom and latin styles, because again, the show.

Maybe the wow factor and the swooning were enough to get me just caught up enough in the story. Sure, most of it felt like I was just waiting to get to the next dance, but then it did make each routine that much more emotional. Also, in what could have been the cheesiest sequence, I totally believe that Derek would dance a girl into his bed. He’d prolly be the one person who could convincingly pull that off.

Make Your Move – \m/ \m/ \m/

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