Evil Dead (1981)

“As I mentioned when I wrote up the reboot/far sequel, I wasn’t that into the original Evil Dead on first watch, but I absolutely love the musical. I’m hoping I can go for it a bit more this time, especially given how much I now love Cabin Fever and Cabin in the Woods. Evil Dead is supposed to be the definitive cabin horror film, the one on which all others draw from.

I did impulse buy the gift set that packages the DVDs in rubber Necronomicans. Sadly the second one is starting to fall apart, but one of the most often asked questions when people look around the room is “”WTF is that movie?””. They really stand out on the shelf!

It is very lowtech and gritty, which is part of why I have trouble getting into it. I’m just so spoiled by today’s sharp and shiny images. I do find a certain charm in creative, un-computerized special effects though. That I will always appreciate over the slick ones any day.

Anyone else think the necklace Ash gives Linda is one of the ugliest things ever? This is why boys shouldn’t buy their girls jewelry without consulting them first.

Okay this does pick up once zombie Cheryl shows up. She was by far the best character in the musical too! One other thing the musical got right is that it combined the first two movies. Cause not a lot is happening here. There are some now iconic moments, but they seem stretched pretty thin. However, the gore is kinda over the top cheesy awesome. That’s def a plus.

And now this song is in my head. C’mon c’mon and do the necronomicon!”

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