Captain America: The Winter Soldier

“Some of the buzz I saw surrounding the new Captain America was saying that it was among the best in the Marvel studios franchise. Now, this may have been an expectations thing for me, but I didn’t think it was “”OMG BEST THING EVER”” nor did I find anything that was blatantly wrong with it either.

I think the Cap might be my favorite Avenger. It’s tough not to pick Iron Man, but really picking Iron Man is picking Robert Downey Jr. I like Captain America’s backstory, and both of his films have been very strong and do stand out in the Marvel universe from the others a bit.

Something that really strikes me about him that really came thru in Winter Soldier is how human and real he is. He doesn’t have an over the top personality, nor does he have flashy superpowers. He’s much more subtle. Doesn’t mean he can’t kick total butt either. I’d taken for granted what a great weapon his shield is. I think before seeing him on screen, I always thought it was kinda silly, but this film really showcased his badass moves with the shield. It’s just as shiny and versatile as any sai, light saber, or adamantium claws.

Thinking about it now, the execution on this film was pretty flawless. The pace kept moving. The characters were about as developed as you can get in a superhero flick. The action sequences were incredible. There was even some weighty subtext that I didn’t quite pick up on right away that further helps to elevate this beyond being just another superhero film. Oh and points (not to mention serious street cred) for casting Robert Redford. And for the subtle pop culture reference at the end that I can’t say without bringing up big spoilers.

Just when I was starting to worry that the genre may be starting to wear thin, my faith is restored. As least Marvel knows what they’re doing.

Maybe I haven’t really said too much of value this time around, but it is one of those films that everyone sees and everyone is talking about. If you really want a comprehensive, in depth view, there’s plenty out there better than mine. In particular, The Playlist had a very well thought out spoiltastic article I enjoyed reading.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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