The Devil Wears Prada

“I had avoided seeing this movie for a while, because it seemed kinda chick-y to me. Until I realized that it starred my two favorite actresses: Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. I’ve kinda cooled a bit on Hathaway lately, but Streep will always be my queen. This film also introduced us to Emily Blunt, although by the time I finally got around to seeing this I knew and loved her already.

Okay, roles like this are why I adore Hathaway. She’s just a bright and bubbly beauty, and it’s engaging seeing the world thru her optimisic eyes. This is basically the Princess of Genovia gets a job. And Meryl chews the scenery as much as ever. A big part of why she’s my favorite is that she switches between fun roles and dramatic roles, often finding a way to bride those into one part. We’re more on the fun end of the spectrum, but she still managed to pull off an Oscar nod for the role.

Costumes got nominated to, for what IMDB tells me was the most expensive costumes in movie history (all the designer clothing). I’m not much into fashion (at least not as far as what’s in, I’d prefer to make my own style) but I can’t help watch something like this and wish I had the pretty to dress in. It’s not really me though.

Oh hey Giselle! The first lady of Boston royalty. Love. Her.

Some of this film is kinda painful to watch. While I have nothing but respect for a strong work ethic, I don’t understand how Andy (Hathaway) can put up with that crap she gets at work. Basically on call 24/7 for ridiculous demands, and hardly any pay. It’s not something she loves, and it’s basically the lowest stepping stone to what she does love. And this was pre-recession. I just realized that under normal circumstances, it’d actually be Streep’s Miranda that I’d be watching and wondering how she lives with herself as such a horrible person. But again, Streep makes it look like fun.

And I heart Stanley Tucci. I want him to be my gay best friend.

That’s all.”

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