I Love You Man

“I had a tough time picking a movie today, as I expect will be the case for the next couple picks. I’m hitting the part of my collection where I was buying up a bunch for the AFI project so instead of having 20ish choices, I’m down to like five. Tonight’s options were basically the enjoyable film that might not give me much to blog about or the subpar one I’d hafta plod thru but would possibly bring up some good debate points. It’s Friday. I wanted fun.

Oh my God, I forgot/hadn’t realized Paul Rudd’s parents in this movie are JK Simmons and Jane Curtain. Could I be adopted into that family? As a bonus, my gay brother would be Andy Samberg.

While on the subject of cast, this is what introduced Rashida Jones to the world. Love her.

This film hits a bit close to home for me, but in a kind of reverse way. Paul Rudd’s Peter gets engaged. When trying to plan the wedding with his fiance, he realizes that he doesn’t really have many guy friends. That means he has no best man or other groomsmen. He’s just always been a girlfriends guy. I sympathize because I’ve always been a guyfriends girl. Pretty sure that whenever I get married, I’ll have a “”man of honor”” rather than a maid, and there’s a high chance that only one bridesmaid would be female. Maybe an argument for eloping? Idk. I’m not there yet anyways. Also \m/ gender roles.

Anyways, so Peter makes an effort to set up some “”man dates”” and find himself a bro. He meets Jason Segel’s total man’s man Sydney. Hilarity and bromance ensue. It does play with gender stereotypes and flips the whole dating scene on its head, going thru the whole typical romcom subplot. Guy doesn’t have trouble getting the girl. He’s got her. But get him to call another guy he just met? Anxiety like whoa.

Quotable like whoa too.

Yeah, my closest friendships are much more Pete/Sydney than Zooey/gaggle-of-girls”

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