“I know what books I wanna read next. I was sold on the premise, but given the current state of YA in movies, was hesitant about going all in. But oh man it did not take me long to get completely absorbed into that world.

I am a bit of a sucker for the kind of separation, division, categorization, whatever you wanna call it like we have with the factions. I just love the logic and order of it. No surprise that I immediately identified myself as an Erudite. I didn’t even need the multiple buzzfeed quizzes I took to confirm it. I too value logic and knowledge above all else. Okay, so maybe I’m not manipulative and I don’t think that I’m so smart I should be running the world, but still. That’s where I fit. I loved that it was so easy for me to identify my group and see the world thru those segregated eyes.

You know what group I’m definitely not? Dauntless. I was absolutely blown away by them, but that’s certainly not me. Maybe I could have made the jump off the train. I might have eventually made the blind jump. No way I would have lasted much longer than that. It’s just not me. I wished it was though. I felt Tris’ sense of awe and wonder along with them, but even in watching I felt fear and anxiety. I thought too much into it. I would not be willing to make any of those kinds of risks they did. I wouldn’t risk the physical injury and I wouldn’t risk the failure and what that meant. Yet I couldn’t stop watching. The same way Tris wanted to be a part of them, I wished that could be me.

Okay, because it’s a successful YA set in a disptopian futuristic society, with a strong female protagonist unwittingly thrown into a revolution she finds herself leading, there’s gonna be Hunger Games comparisons. I get it. Yeah they’re very similar, but you know what? They’re both extremely compelling. I like that we have a strong girl taking on the world, not crying over boys and their supernatural powers. This is the type of story we need more of.

Shailene Woodley is a phenomenal and capable actress, and I love that this franchise is in her hands. And oooh Theo James was smokin’ and smoldering. The one that caught my attention was Miles Teller. I’m so used to him being such a nice guy, that I really relished seeing him break bad. Even if he wasn’t the ultimate bad in the film.

I really have been counting down to payday so I can go buy this, even if I’ve still got a couple things in the queue ahead of it. I’m excited about this world, and ready for revolution.

Divergent – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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