Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

“Was torn between this and a really intense and very well acted drama. Sometimes, you just gotta go with the stoner comedy.

I love Harold and Kumar, although this one is very much the weakest link. A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas totally makes up for it, but maybe this second chance viewing will show some redeeming qualities. One thing I do very much appreciate is how this sequel starts within minutes of the original. Kind of a fun detail that you don’t really see too often. Also, a big factor in my decision was that I’ve been marathoning House, and I’m still in the episodes with Kal Penn’s Kutner.

Hey look Roger Bart!

Okay the flashback to pre-stoner Kumar is pretty cool. I’m a sucker for those.

So just got thru it. It wasn’t bad (or at least I’m very forgiving towards these boys) but it wasn’t anything that great. I did appreciate that it’s an equal opportunity offender. Tons of offensive humor aimed at every minority you could think of. But a lot of shock with no value. A lot of moments where they were either trying too hard, or clearly doing too much “”research”” when they decided where to go with this flick. Points, as always, for NPH’s appearance. I did pick up on some continuity from the third installment that I hadn’t caught before, so that was also a plus. But really, other than connecting some dots between 1 and 3, this installment is rather unnecessary”

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