Eastern Promises

“Took me a lil while to pick a movie today. The last grouping had 3 I really wanted to blog for various reasons. This grouping had 3 that I was totally happy to watch, but none that stood out as “”OMG BLOG ME NOW””. And I didn’t really feel like one over another. It came down to drama I know well and love, really good drama I don’t know too well, and fun stupid action movie I barely remember. I opted for the middle choice. Although given the headache I’ve currently got, maybe familiarity or superficiality may have been a better choice. But we’re already 90 seconds in. I’m committed now.

Gotta respect a movie that starts with such a cold and bloody scene at the two minute mark. Especially when you have such an abrupt transition to what’s next. Leaving you jarred with no explanation.

Naomi Watts (who I realize is criminally underrated, not one performance that is ever short of incredible and moving, yet she doesn’t get nearly as much attention as she deserves) is a midwife, Anna, in a seedy part of London. She helps deliver a baby whose young mother dies during birth, leaving behind a diary in Russian. In translating it, she discovers that the mother was a victim of some very violent Russian mob men. This leads to Anna continuing to cross paths with Viggo Mortensen’s Nikolai, who is moving his way up thru the ranks of the mob. We get a look into their dark and dirty world thru his eyes.

Such a bad ass Academy Award nominated role for Viggo Mortensen, arguably his most successful post-LOTR role. The accent, the ink, the attitude, I bow down to it all. Oh and that fight scene in the bath house had to rank on the list of best scenes ever. I know I’ll sound crazy saying this, but my cat Lestat was sitting with me when we got to that part. I told her to pay attention and she did, staring at the screen with rapt attention for that bit. Even she knows what’s up.

I absolutely made the right choice tonight. I forgot how \m/ incredible this film is. The first time I saw it and again now, I’m just left with this sense of awe. So. Good. !.”

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