Sid and Nancy

“I think it’s criminal that I consider myself a punk rocker (well pop punk rocker) and I don’t know this movie other than the one time I watched it and half paid attention. Before there was Kurt and Courtney, there was Sid and Nancy. Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols and his toxic girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Their sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle reached tragic extremes when Nancy wound up dead, presumably at Sid’s hand.

Oh did I mention that Gary Oldman plays Sid? Yeah so that’s awesome

Wow this is a hot mess. Just such an unhealthy environment they were living in. It’s not the glamorous life you think of when you think of rock stars, but rather a group of junkies thinking they’ve got it good. It’s so sad. I mean really, it’s hard to watch them just spiral and spiral. And they’re so whiny and screamy.

At least the music’s awesome.

I think I use the word “”awesome”” too much”

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