Boogie Nights

“I’m gonna favor movies with Philip Seymour Hoffman when picking films. If I hadn’t just started the blog-thru-the-movie-wall initiative when he passed, I might have done a full mini project on him. This is considered his big break out film. Also, this one falls under the “”movies I should know better”” category. Paul Thomas Anderson is among my favorite directors.

Okay, one day, I will be able to correctly guess if I’m watching Heather Graham or Marley Shelton. I still can’t tell them apart. I guess first I need to get Terrance Stamp vs Malcom Macdowell, but that’s not relevant to this film.

Mark Wahlberg stars as Eddie, soon to be Dirk Diggler, boy next door turned 70s porn star. All because of a certain God given “”talent””. After having seen the “”big reveal”” at the end, I’m watching this with a whole new set of eyes. It’s a bit different than just having the tease of an idea, and instead actually knowing what we’re dealing with. Kinda fun really. This was a real breakout role for Wahlberg as well. With this, people would be able to take him seriously and not just wonder where his Funky Bunch was.

So many wonderful cast members besides all I’ve already listed. John C Reilly showing us he can toe the line between goofball and serious actor. Julianne Moore, Burt Reynolds, Luis Guzman, Don Cheadle, William H Macy.

Aww such a sweet and vulnerable performance from PSH. I’m used to thinking of him as being so calculating, but he really just lets go as Scotty. There’s an awkward sincerity to him that’s just so real. In the middle of this over the top world of excess and facade they’re all inhabiting, he’s the most relatable.”

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