“I’d just gotten my method straightened out after a couple of cheats to watch certain movies, and was all set to watch the next one in line. But then I set up my shiny new surround sound (last one died on me, refused to turn back on after getting unplugged accidentally) and the silly yet dark comedy I wanted to watch next doesn’t exactly scream “”Ooooh sound quality””. So I jumped ahead one cubby, but I’ll backtrack for next time. Although I realize now that a DVD still won’t likely do the sound justice anyways, but the opening credits have already rolled. Point of no return. I’ll watch a non-blog BluRay next and really soak in the sound.

I absolutely love this movie. This film is a little known, but highly appreciated gem, and often my first recommendation to those seeking scifi. On paper it sounds like it’s just another scifi disaster flicks, and true the plot is kinda bad. The sun is dying so a crew goes out into space to nuke it or something to restart it. And of course, bad things happen. Having seen enough of these types, I remember the first time I watched it, I was able to predict it beat by beat. I think I called every single death in order. But I didn’t care.

So what redeemable quality could a film like this have? Danny Boyle as director. It’s actually a very beautiful and art house-y film. Art house and scifi don’t exactly go together 99% of the time, but the result is just so visually stunning. But don’t underestimate the heart attack inducing suspense of this film. It’s scary as hell. There’s more at work than just unfortunate mechanical failures. There’s a whole psychological factor going on as well.

Excellent cast. Cillian Murphy (who drew me to the film to begin with), Rose Byrne, Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh. All of them also help elevate the street cred of the film. My point is don’t just write this off as another “”we’re gonna die in space trying to save the earth”” scifis. This is among the best in the genre, and so much more than the box you’ll wanna try to fit it into.”

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