Knocked Up

“I fudged the rules a bit again today, but I wanted something on the lighter side today. Since his Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s, I’ve been wanting to watch some Seth Rogen. The unfortunate side consequence is that we have another Katherine Heigl appearance. I feel bad knocking so hard on Roswell’s Isabelle Evans, but well, she hasn’t always made the best career choices after that point. While this may have been one of the better ones, she is really out of place here.

But enough about KH. This one is really all about Seth Rogen in his first star vehicle, and all the friends he brought along for the ride: Jason Segal, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Martin Star, Charlene Yi. Those are just the ones he hangs out with. The film also has Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann (whose characters we recently picked up with last year in THis is 40). In other supporting roles we’ve got Kristin Wiig, Bill Hader, and Alan Tudyk.

Oh wow Jason Segel is being creepy. No wonder I didn’t remember him as being in this. My brain must have blocked him out.

Anyways, after Judd Apatow took Hollywood by storm with 40 Year Old Virgin, this is what he followed up with. It certainly made Seth Rogen a household name, and was a good springboard for some of his aforementioned friends. This was really Apatow at his best. Hilarious and offensive yet heartfelt dialog, before he was thinking too hard about it.

OMG that’s Adam Scott too. So many wonderful comic actors throughout.”

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