The Departed

“Also known as the pride and joy of Boston. There is no movie that is better loved, better known, or better respected in this city than The Departed. Maybe Boondock Saints can give it a run, but still it’s a bit easier to find a Bostonian who hasn’t seen Saints than one who hasn’t seen The Departed. All the love it received from the Academy certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Maybe it wasn’t all filmed in Boston, but it certainly showcases our city, even if a lot of the focus is on its seedy underbelly. Sure the accents aren’t quite there, but the fast shit talking from the likes of Alec Baldwin and Boston homeboy Mark Wahlberg are spot on. Wahlberg isn’t the only hometown hero in this film hat earned him his first Oscar nomination. Matt Damon is also in the mix. And while you may not see them on screen, you certainly hear Dropkick Murphys with the ultimate Boston anthem Shipping Up to Boston.

Oh and did I mention that this film is directed by one Mr Martin Scorsese, garnering him his overdue “”Best Director”” and “”Best Picture”” wins. It was also his third collab with his golden boy Leonardo Dicaprio.

I haven’t seen this movie in a few years, and I certainly know this town much better now than I did from my more sheltered college experience I was living when this movie debuted. Watching it now, I certainly see our attitude and strength. I forgot how cleverly sarcastic most of this film is. It’s usually remembered for how dark and violent it is, bu the humor is what sets it apart from anything else. Don’t get me wrong. It’s still dark as \m/, but there’s more to it than that. I don’t care of the so called experts think this wasn’t the most worthy choice to recognize Scorsese for, or if it doesn’t rank among the more beloved Oscar winners outside of the 617 area code. I \m/ love it.”

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