“Skipping ahead in the game just slightly (one cubby, or two if you count that I wanted to double up on the last once since I was forced into that choice and there’s another I would like to hit). But I’m likely going to see this movie’s sequel tomorrow. I’m not really that keen on the sequel, but Grand Budapest Hotel doesn’t open in Boston until next week, and if I don’t go see something, I’ll likely spend the whole weekend stuck in the apt. That’s only acceptable if I’m sick and/or invalid (crutches at least) or if there’s uber amounts of snow outside.

This film was released around spring break during my junior year. Late one evening, the BFFF calls me. “”I’m bored. Let’s go to the movies””. The next late show of 300 was in about 15 minutes. He had to drive from his frat two towns over to my dorm on campus and backtrack almost halfway to get to the theater. By some miracle (prolly the miracle of overdoing it with the trailers) we made it without missing anything.

I don’t want to say that this is a film that shouldn’t have worked, but it’s success surely was unexpected. Big graphic violence, stylized imagery, epic but simlistic story, unknown actors, untested director. But it landed at the box office with a mighty blow. It put both star Gerard Butler and director Zack Snyder on the map, although both have at times betrayed the trust that was given to them as a result of this film’s success. Sorry Zack. I can forgive you for Sucker Punch but not Man of Steel. Gerard, let’s forget about that brief romcom foray.

Holy \m/ Michael Fassbender? Srsly? How did I not know of this before?!”

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