Urban Legend

“Two words why I chose this tonight: Jared Leto. Even if this may not have been the smartest film choice of his career. But after last night, and celebrating what may have been the smartest choice, I’m ecstatic. I also realized that I now can say that I’ve met an Oscar winner (however briefly that was, and even if he was years away from the role) and I have an Oscar winner’s autograph. (I recounted the story when I wrote up Dallas Buyers Club).

Ah the slasher movie craze of the late 90s. Like so many other movie fads, a couple of good films of a fresh genre (or at least fresh after a while) spawn a bunch of copycats that flood the market. Scream led to I Know What you Did Last Summer led to countless other copycats. Urban Legend is not one I’d rank among the good ones, but it would certainly rank among the more creative. You don’t just have a crazed killer running around killing all the attractive teenagers in town. When he kills them, he’s recreating urban legends. Spooky. Scary.

Jared Leto isn’t the only pretty face in the cast. You’ve also got Joshua Jackson at the start of the Dawson’s Creek craze (with a fun in joke to the creek thrown in), Michael Rosenbaum before he was Lex Luthor, Tara Reid while she was still relevant without the involvement of sharknadoes. They also gain some street cred by including Mr Freddy Krueger himself, Robert Englund.

But otherwise, typical slasher, complete with the WTF ending and overacting. Fun for the whole family!”

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