Wedding Crashers

“Ah the ultimate comedic bromance of Vaughn and Wilson at it’s peak. Their schtick may have gotten old quick, but for at least one movie, they had gold. More clever and charming than ever, no one ever realizes how creepy the premise really is. I’m fine with not thinking about it, because I still find this movie quotably good.

This film was also a big break for Isla Fisher, introducing the world to the comedic stylings of that firey redheaded pixie. It also, to a lesser extent, introduced us to Bradley Cooper. At least in my experience, before they were household names, hearing “”the red head non-virgin that pairs up with Vince Vaughn”” instantly brought entire scenes to memory. Whereas when The Hangover came out, and there was talk of it starring “”that guy who was the douchey boyfriend”” it took a lot more effort to picture him.

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen this film. At this point, since I know the funny so well, not all of it stuck in my brain. Similar to the phenomenon that happens when you watch an edited American Pie (taking out much of the humor) you’re left with a pretty sappy rom com. It hits on all the cliches (including starring a fresh off The Notebook Rachel McAdams). But the sap is pretty well hidden by the irreverent humor. Maybe the boys’ thing is sorta played out at this point, but I can still see it being incredibly funny the first time. And that’s why this is a modern comedy classic. God help us.”

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