28 Days Later

“Nosferatu’s surgery went well. I brought him home last night and he seems to be recovering nicely.

It actually took me three times to get thru this movie. I put it on Mon night, but the lack of sleep over kitty worry finally caught up to me and I passed out. I tried again last night after I brought Fehr home, but between watching in my room and the excitedly running around feline, I just missed the whole thing. So we try again today.

As far as selecting the movie, it was a pretty clear choice. I’ve seen it once, but don’t remember much. And it’s one that I should know very very well. It’s viewed as one of the all time best zombie movies, and especially among the best in recent history. Pretty sure that director Danny Boyle can be thanked for much of that. I’m also a big fan of our leading man Cillian Murphy.

While it is a zombie movie, it isn’t all running and screaming and biting. It’s a story about the best and worst of humanity. The survivors banding together vs what happens when the people you’re depending on don’t have your best interests at heart. The zombies aren’t overused, but they’re incredibly effective while here. This is the modern virus infected scary and fast as hell variety.

I like how we’re thrust into the story, with Murphy’s Jim waking up in a hospital bed soon after most of the population has died out. We wanders the empty city before finding companions. Zombie scenes are here and there, but before we really get into the thick of it, we have time to bond with our characters, making the film that much more resonant. Danny Boyle lately has been known for big emotional films like Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours, but back in the day, his tastes were darker. And his imagery more vivid. 28 Days Later is more reminiscent of his Trainspotting days.

Not sure if I agree on this being the be all end all of modern zombie movies, but given that I do agree it’s pretty well done, and no others come easily to mind that I feel more enthusiastically about, I guess I buy it.”

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