Dog Day Afternoon

“Another classic that I wanted to take an opportunity to go better. A story so absurd, it could only be true. Al Pacino plays Sonny, a would-be bank robber whose heist goes wrong, devolving into a hostage situation. He’s in over his head as the whole thing turns into a big circus. Worked up crowds outside. Hostages loyally refusing to leave. Family showing up at the door. Just one big hot mess. You can feel how volatile the whole situation was.

Coming off his indescribable work in The Godfather, Pacino pushed himself to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion again for this film. The desperation and frustration drips off him like the sweat in that sweltering bank.

Also an incredible and groundbreaking performance from Chris Sarandon as Sonny’s preop transgender wife. That sort of subject matter simply wasn’t tackled in the 70s, and it took guts to bring it to the screen. LBGT issues aren’t touched on too heavily, but it’s such a compelling part of the film. And something that makes it truly unique in classic cinema”

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