Road to Perdition

“Today’s selection won out because it’s under appreciated by me. I saw it maybe twice before and didn’t remember too much. But every so often it comes up, and I’m disappointed in myself for not remembering it. A lot of big names are attached to this film, many of whom I was as yet unfamiliar with. A big one being director Sam Mendes, in his follow up to American Beauty. While I’m abivalent to that one, there are others of his that I absolutely love. Revolutionary Road being the first that comes to mind, followed by Skyfall.

The one name I was definitely familiar with was Tom Hanks, in a role that’s quite a departure for him. But somehow at the same time isn’t. He’s known for playing such inherently good and wholesome characters, it’s rather jarring seeing his dark side. A man that the toughest thugs are afraid of. But there’s more to Mike Sullivan than ruthless killer. He’s fiercely loyal and a protective father. The shady side of his life is all business, and handled with a calculated approach.

You know who else had an unexpected turn in this film? Daniel Craig. Completely forgot that Bond James Bond was in this, and with an American accent too. His Connor is the antithesis of Hanks’ Mike. Killing is done on a whim, and self preservation is more important than loyalty. He just exudes unhinged evil fitting for a Bond villain, and I loved every second of it.

Another reason this movie is near to my heart (even if it wasn’t fresh in my brain) is Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Mike’s son. Why do I care so much about this kid you’ve prolly never heard of? The summer I was in LA we went to a taping of The Tonight Show. Along with Martin Lawrence and Outkast, young Mr Hoechlin was a guest that day. Besides concerts, that show was one of my first brushes with celebrities, long before my days of stage door stalking on Broadway.

As far as the film itself, this one certainly was worth this second look. So compelling and dark with just top notch performances across the board.”

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