Lone Survivor

“I was on pins and needles waiting to see this movie. Just the little bit of the story I’d heard was so compelling. I’d seen a sorta trailer with some behind the scenes footage and just hearing about the passion that went into this project was so moving. That was especially true for hearing Marcus Luttrell talk about sharing the story. He said that he felt he survived so that he could be sure that his brothers in arms were remembered. Some people heard the story at his talks, others read the books, but that didn’t compare to how many would see the movie. And with that, his work was done.

Lone Survivor is kinda different from other movies in a way because it’s not about watching to see how things play out. You know what’s eventually gonna happen. I mean, the title itself is the ultimate spoiler. But that did not take away at all from watching the film. The power was in how it all happened. Knowing these boys were going to meet their end and seeing them go down fighting.

It’s no secret that I watch a lot of violent movies. I often feel I’m desensitized to screen violence because of that, and am not always affected by it. For me, Lone Survivor was difficult to watch at times. Much of the violence felt very real and very close. Particularly, watching those men tumble off the mountainside, I had to look away. It wasn’t done in such a way that the violence was glorified, as is often the case in those films I’m desensitized to. It was just a constant threat that was bombarding them from all sides, and through that you could feel their desperation and determination.

I saw a complaint that much of the story had been Hollywood-ized and didn’t hold the truth in high regard, but I disagree. The points that were made were minor details, and while “”based on a true story”” this is still a fictionalization, not a documentary. I felt that the spirit of the film was one that all of those men could be proud of, and it showed nothing but respect and reverence for our military. Everyone in the cast showed the strength and heart of the men they were portraying, and I hope that all their families feel that the film did them justice.

Lone Survivor – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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