“Oh dear. How many times did my Grandma receive and get excited over those “”you may be a winner”” promotional scam letters? I remember long afternoons sitting with her and planning how we’d spend our winnings. That’s why Nebraska initially struck a chord with me. It’s a story so real and relatable.

After receiving one of those letters, elderly Woody (Bruce Dern) is determineD to make his way from Montana to Nebraska to collect his winnings, even if he has to walk there. His son David (Will Forte) agrees to accompany him, if only to keep him out of trouble. There’s a few setbacks along the way, including a few days spent in Woody’s home town with his semi-estranged family.

The film deals a lot with age and reflection, but what really got me thinking was the father/son relationship. In a bit of a role reversal, David is now taking care of his father, and he’s trying to find out as much about him as he can while they still have time together. It just had me thinking on my relationship with my parents. Things I never got to learn about my Daddy. What I might have coming up with Mom.

Most of the buzz is around Bruce Dern, and he was incredible. Portrayed the frustration that comes with his age and his determination to get thru it. He had so many heartbreaking and uplifting moments, and the performance (and this film) were just so unique. I’m not too familiar with his career otherwise, but part of the love he’s getting is because he’s been around and paid his dues. The career I am more familiar with is Will Forte, so seeing Macgruber play such an honest and grounded character was a big transformation for me. His supporting actor love may not be ringing as loudly as Dern’s lead buzz, but he’s who truly impressed me. Then again, it could just be because I do relate far more to his character. Almost too much.

Nebraska – \m/ \m/ \m/

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