Ender’s Game

“First off, I wasn’t feeling that great when I watched this, so I my mind may not have been in the right place throughout. I spent half of the movie thinking about how much I just wanted to get out of there, which had absolutely zero to do with the film itself.

I’ve kept forgetting that this book has been on my reading list for a while. I almost bought it when I finished LOTR halfway thru my month-long stint in the desert for my field geology class, but instead I opted for Salem’s Lot. Well reading Stephen King alone in the dark in a tent, in the middle of the desert is not the smartest literary choice I’ve made. Since then I tend to forget that it’s on my reading list whenever I’m shopping for the next one. And now, given what I’ve heard about Orson Scott Card, I don’t know that I wanna give him any of my money (even if the royalties would only be like fifty cents). That didn’t stop me from wanting to see the movie.

I did enjoy the film (despite the previously mentioned subpar health). It moved quickly in establishing a whole new futuristic culture without leaving things confusing or taking too much time. I did get the sense that there was a lot that was left out, for the sake of streamlining the film, but I think favoring pace over context was the right move. This is exactly why I prefer to read the book after the movie anyways, so that then I gain new information instead of feeling like I missed a lot.

I don’t know what more there is to say. It was a lot of fun, which is all you can really ask for, and at the same time there was just enough to get ya thinking. Now pardon me while I go add this book to my wish list

Ender’s Game – \m/ \m/ \m/

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