The World’s End

“I don’t know if there should be a statue of limitations on my past blog posts, but this one is just over two weeks late. Whoops. But given that Avenue Q has been having great success with sold out shows and audiences in stitches, I think I can live with just a little more movie lateness.

I’m not that into this movie’s predecessors in the “”Cornetto Trilogy””. But I still appreciate them, and hearing them referenced makes me happy. Double dose of anecdotal backstory, so bear with me. Back when Shaun of the Dead first came out, it was all the rage back on my dorm. Everyone was talking about how hilarious this movie was. The next time I was home, I picked it up on a Blockbuster run with my Daddy (this was before we started our 24 marathons). We’re both sitting there watching, not really reacting to much. Halfway thru, he turns to me “”Why are we watching this?”” “”Because I heard it was funny…although, I just remembered that I don’t really like British comedy”” “”Yeah me neither”” “”Huh””. And we sat there in silence for the rest of the film.

Fast forward about a year or two later, a hallmate of mine decides he wants to buy me a movie for my birthday. He can’t believe that Shaun isn’t in my (much smaller at the time) movie wall, so he gets me a copy. I don’t have the heart to tell him that I didn’t really care for it when I’d previously watched. I give it the obligatory watch soon after, while I’m doing a p-set (or problem set, MIT speak for homework). He sees me watching it, gets all excited, and joins me. A few days later, I make some comment to somebody about how I tend to watch movies I don’t care about when I’m working so that I can tune them out as needed. I don’t realize that said friend was on the other side of the room. “”So you mean, you don’t like Shaun of the Dead?”” Whoops.

I don’t have any story or real associations with Hot Fuzz. I watched it. It’s on the wall. It was forgotten about.

So I guess that saying World’s End is my favorite of the trilogy isn’t that big of a compliment. And while I didn’t necessarily find it that funny (the few lines that may have gotten me were given away in the trailer) I could still appreciate it. There were elements I enjoyed, and it’s currently my go to comedy or nerdy recommendation. It does help that Simon Pegg has made enough of a name for himself that I do enjoy watching his work just because it’s him (even if the goth black hair wasn’t doing him any favors).

I think it was also the pub crawl concept that drew me in. I got on one along the Freedom Trail every year, so watching this movie brought out some warm fuzzies on the subject. Okay, so ours have never concluded with an alien invasion, but who knows. Maybe next year.

The Worlds End – \m/ \m/ \m/

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