Despicable Me 2

“I love the minions. They are one of my favorite entities in current pop culture, and I simply cannot get enough of them. One of my two go-to YouTube clips when I need test material at work is still the teaser trailer where they sing Barbara Ann. They were what I loved most about Despicable Me, and what had me excited to watch them again in the sequel.

If only the sequel had tried harder. The plot was kinda meh. One of the other great things about the original was the relationship between Gru and the adorable orphans, who by now are his adopted daughters. That just wasn’t explored as much. There was a thin plot line around Gru, and the girls weren’t given opportunity to be adorable. The minion were great, but even they too felt under utilized. It could be that they’d been predominantly featured in the trailers, to the point where not that much was left for the film.

The ride was certainly a fun one, but thinking back on it a week later, it wasn’t particularly memorable. Even sitting there trying to think about what I’d write, I came up blank. Personally, I do prefer Minions over Monsters (to bring up the current box office competition) for the characters themselves, but their film had much less substance. Still, for a mindless way to kill two hours, you could certainly do worse.

Despicable Me 2 – \m/ \m/ \m/

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