The Heat

“A few years ago, there was this little movie called Bridesmaids. It’s main purpose seemed to be to remind people that chicks can be funny. Hollywood’s apparently slow on the uptake, so it took reassembling part of the team to give it another go. And they still hesitated. The film was originally slated for a playing-it-safe April release. But then Melissa Mccarthy’s Identity Thief did better than expected (and deserved), and people thought “”Hey, she can totally open a movie”” especially when paired with America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. So the film got pushed back to a prime summer spot.

That’s all well and good, but what irked me about that was that it meant three more months of sitting thru the exact same trailer playing before every single movie I saw since last fall. Every. Single. One. Okay, so maybe not before the kiddie movies, but just about everything else. Incredibly annoying.

Now my interest in it didn’t come from the fact that it was a female buddy comedy. My interest was in those particular females, and the Boston setting. One of the other purposes Bridesmaids served was to launch McCarthy into stardom. She is a fantastic comedian, with killer comedic instincts, no fear, and incredibly unique characterizations. Even when the material she’s given is less than stellar, she just goes for it, and does everything she can to make it work. Like most of the country, I adore Sandra Bullock. There’s no question she can do drama (hello, Blind Side). And we know she can be goofy. But we haven’t seen her do a full on comedy like this one, and I was really excited for the opportunity.

Melissa did not disappoint. Yeah, sometimes her character was a little much, but she is also extraordinarily gifted when it comes to balancing the quirk with heart. It’s beyond rare to see that level of depth in a character that extreme, and it’s something she does often and with aplomb. Sandy took some getting used to. I think she was trying too hard for a lot of the movie, trying to be funny by not trying to be funny, and it didn’t work. However, once her character loosened up and let go, that’s when she could really start to shine. If this film does spawn a sequel, I think she’ll fit into it a bit better than she did this time, but I certainly applaud the effort.

For me, the third star of the movie was the city of Boston, where the majority of The Heat was filmed. I didn’t recognize too much of it specifically, but it certainly felt like my town. And the incredibly loud and talkative guy behind me certainly spotted lots of places he’s familiar with. I’ll try not to be too judgmental about how knowledgeable he seemed about the police station. The only place I really knew (and only sorta) was the interior of the Royale, which was used for the club scene. I saw Frank Turner play there last September.

I don’t know if I’m quite as enthusiastic about this movie as some others seemed to have been, but I think it was certainly worth seeing. That was about as close to fireworks as I got this fourth of July

The Heat -\m/ \m/ \m/

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