The Internship

“I went into this film with the lowest of expectations. Honestly, the only reason I even went was because otherwise I would not have left the house between work on Fri and work on Mon. I used to love Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, but over time their schtick grew old. What used to be charming became annoying. What was exciting and original became hackneyed and repetitive. Yet they’re still at it. And for lack of anything better to do, I still followed.

It took me a while to get into it. Much of the early scenes were that same that I was dreading. I was getting frustrated not being able to even get a thought in edgewise between all of Vaughn’s fast talking. Wilson appeared to me as a helpless puppy. They eventually get to Google and things are proceeding along the path of predictability. At least, with the Google setting, there was the occasional flash of nerd humor that I could very much appreciate. Hell, I even laughed at a few of them.

But then, something happened. I found myself connecting with and relating to the supporting characters. I was drawn in to the emotional arc of our leads (as basic as it may have been). I started rooting for these guys. I knew how things would eventually play out, but I really wanted them to do well. Then there was a scene with Vaughn and an unrecognizable Josh Gad (honestly, I thought they’d hired an actor who actually had Aspergers or something) and I noticed I had the biggest doofiest smile on my face. By then I was all in.

True, there may not have been anything particularly innovative about this film, but it was enjoyable. Or at least it was once it got going. Not something I’d have been willing to go out of my way to see, but a perfectly acceptable stop on the path of convenient entertainment.

The Internship – \m/ \m/ \n

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