Star Trek Into Darkness

“Woo Star Trek! Last time I hailed it as a perfect summer movie. Now, I may fall more on the Wars side of the Star Wars/Star Trek eternal debate, and even then prefer to classify myself as a Browncoat. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate these movies, especially with one JJ Abrams at the helm. So when a bigger summer movie’s got a big summer opening, what does that mean? To the IMAX we go! And I mean the real 8 story tall IMAX, not that fake 30 foot bs.

We’d seen the ten minute opening preview at The Hobbit this winter, so I already knew the visual was gonna be stunning. Did. Not. Disappoint. Earlier in the day I was lamenting the loss of miniatures and creative filmmaking in favor of flashy computer graphics, but I momentarily took all those thoughts back. So much pretty. Some great use of 3D (I may have jumped and squeaked a couple times when I thought I was under attack). Certainly the kind of imagery you hope for in a sci fi movie.

But what can really make a movie like this for me is the right amount of comic relief. Into Darkness nailed it. Most of it came from Spock, who is still my favorite. As someone who tends to have a highly logical thought process as well, though not to the same extent, I very much appreciate his point of view and ZQ’s matter of fact delivery is dead on.

I also very much appreciated the throwbacks to the originals. Even if I was never a Trekkie (or is Trekker the preferred term?), I am very much plugged into nerd pop culture enough to have picked up on most of the references. And without giving away anything spoilery, there were some parallel scenes to an old Star Trek movie (that will remain nameless, also to prevent spoilers). From my recollection of having seen it, the scenes played out incredibly similar with some role reversal. I thought it was a genius way of playing with the previously established as genius reboot strategy of “”resetting”” the whole system with the black hole and alternative timeline. I’ve seen enough Sliders (a tv show that deals with parallel universes) to find it completely reasonable for that to happen, and it made me incredibly happy.

I promised someone I’d take them to the IMAX to see it again since they weren’t able to go with me yesterday. Kinda psyched for the excuse to go again

Star Trek Into Darkness – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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