Evil Dead

“Over a week behind on these write ups, and under a week til Wedding Singer opens. You do the math.

While I do have a love for horror movies, it’s a very picky kind of love. I won’t go for just anything since it’s so easy to fail and leave me bored. I’d originally written off the new Evil Dead for those reasons. I’d seen the original and wasn’t too impressed, although I absolutely \m/ love the stage version. Yes, there’s a stage version. And it’s musical. And it’s amazing. I saw it a few times when my group did it a couple years back, so that gave me plenty of baseline for watching this supposed remake.

Turns out, it’s not really so much a remake. More of a reboot or it could even be argued, a delayed sequel. The basics were there, cabin, woods, undead, trees with certain um interests, but characters/story/plot all different. We had our five stereotype charcaters and things started off similar, but ultimately their characterization and fates worked out differently. THere were some subtle homages to the originals, but really this was it’s own thing.

I was very much digging the ride. Sure, there isn’t much going on plot wise for this. And for me personally, it wasn’t a scary type of horror. It was more of a thematic horror, and there it really scored. My first comment leaving the theater, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much blood in one movie. One 90 minute movie. More blood than Tarantino or Roth. Yeah. And it was awesome. Fine, tell me it was all gratuitous, but isn’t that kind of the point? You want a movie to push boundaries and be new and inventive, which is where it succeeded.

Evil Dead – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

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