The Last Exorcism: Part II

“I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since I’ve updated. The past 10 days have been _incredibly_ busy. And posting will likely be sporatic throughout the next two months. I’m doing that theatre thing again. This time, choreographing Wedding Singer. Yes, like the Adam Sandler movie, but the stage show. So I’ve been busy with that for the past few days, and before that I was in Vegas for my birthday.

Why Vegas? Eli Roth’s Goretorium, of course. We’ve previously learned I have a thing for Eli Roth (thing is a rather weak word. More like small obsession). So when today’s master of horror builds a year round haunted house on the Strip, I’m \m/ going. Birthday seems as good a reason as any. Now I swear this will all be vaguely relevant to the movie part of this post, so Ima keep going on this thought.

Holy \m/ it was amazing. So I was there with two of my best friends, and the entire trip was incredible. But the Goretorium was worth the whole ordeal. Before we even got to go into the maze, I was already in awe. Srsly, bestest bathrooms ever! The lights were strobing, there was blood on the floor, Hostel and Basterds posters in the stall, and it said inappropriate things to me as I walked in. Then blood dripped on the mirror anytime you used the faucet. I was taking pictures of _everything_ in the gift shop. I don’t wanna spoil anything about the maze itself, but it was terrifying. I made sure to keep myself sandwiched between both boys, one of whom was shaking the entire time. The other we volunteered to lead the way, and he eventually chickened out and hid in the back. We hung out in the Baby Doll Lounge outside the maze for the rest of the evening, made friends with the owner and the bartender. Drank Eli Roth’s Blood (tasted like cranberry) and Hemlock Grove (tasted like sour patch kids) and danced til we dropped. Best. Birthday. EVER.

Okay so why do I feel its within my rights to talk about my vacation ad nauseum on my blog post? Well, to highlight how fiercely loyal I am to Eli Roth. Therefore, if his name is attached to something, I am there. Even if it’s basically just his name, as is the cast with The Last Exorcism Part II. He’s a producer for the film, essentially giving it his seal of approval, and doing all the promo for it. I’d passed on the first one until Rothtober and would have prolly passed on this if not for him. I actually didn’t have it on my list until after visiting the Goretorium and seeing all the promos for it. Not that they convinced me themselves. It was more that I felt I owed it to Eli.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t all that impressed with it. It picks up right where The Last Exorcism left off. And yes, I know there’s a lot of criticism for the name. Uhh a sequel to The LAST exorcism? But wasn’t it the last? Technically the original title referred to it as the last exorcism for the preacher man (not a spoiler since he goes into it saying it’s the last he’s willing to ever perform). Personally, I’d have called this After the Last Exorcism, but they didn’t ask me. Anyways, our possessed contortoinist good Bible thumping girl is trying to integrate herself into normal society after the whole ordeal. But the demon ain’t quite done with her yet.

A lot of times, when you have a horror film the scares are all kinda saved for the end. I did appreciate that there were some added in at the beginning and throughout. But yes, it was definitely back loaded. Enough such that I did start to get bored with it. There just wasn’t anything that new and exciting to wow me. That was kinda the problem with the first one too. Maybe I just don’t let myself get scared as easily when I’m alone (I tend to play it up a bit with company) unless something’s really intense. I did like how it ultimately concluded, but getting there took a while.

The Last Exorcism Part 2 – \m/ \m/

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