Beautiful Creatures

“Had a wonderful full yet chill day yesterday that trumped movie watching. Almost punted it, in favor of cleaning the apt for my upcoming bday movie night, but woke up early enough to catch a really early screening. I’m kinda glad I went.

Beautiful Creatures sorta made it onto my watch list by default. It seemed like a cool enough idea, but in this post-Twilight-era I’m a little leery of YA, especially when there’s a romantic plot. At least witches, excuse me, casters, are something new. By this point, as much as I love vampires, I’m fairly vamped out. But I still love the supernatural and I love discovering new mythologies. I was kinda excited to discover a new one.

The build up to the big dive into the world of casters was fun. I really was excited for the story to get there and see what all the mystery was about. The journey itself was fun too. I was prepared to dislike our leading characters, Ethan and Lena, but I didn’t. They were fun and sarcastic, and not too broody or melodramatic. It may just be the southern manners that got to me. The accents and some of the phrases I can take or leave, but the gentleman-ness of Ethan and the propriety of the culture is something that makes me kinda giddy.

I did think the caster mythology was kinda cool. Some of it was a little cheesey, but it was a fun ride. There were points where the film started to drag. The set up veered towards cliche-ville, which equals predictable, which makes me lose some interest. But they kept a decent balance between character story and caster lore. Like most things, still a better love story than Twilight.

Beautiful Creatures – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n

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