Tomorrow Never Dies

“So the storm raged on thru the night, dumping piles and piles of snow. Travel was prohibited in MA and RI which means that American Idiot tonight was cancelled. Boo. I guess that equals more time for more Bond. Although I was kinda mopey, which equals distracted.

We’ve long since learned that plot, not so much a thing with 007. We know the formula by now. Usually a big convoluted mess of crazy evil guys from different countries causing uber havok. There’s usually a girl he meets early on thats in league with the baddie. She usually switches teams just long enough for her to get killed. Enter main Bond girl who, for whatever contrived reason, is attached to 007 for the rest of the film. Where these movies get good is when you have someone that stands out within the formula. Here, we’ve got a pretty good main Bond girl in Michelle Yeoh.

There’ve been some tough girls before, ones who know their way around guns or can at least make it so that they’re not constantly in need of being rescued. I don’t think we’ve met one who can really kick ass. As in martial arts trained, taking out the random nameless bad guys herself.

Speaking of the girls, anyone else notice the awkward lack of chemistry in this Bond/Moneypenny pairing? She’s clever and quick, but you don’t get the sexual tension. This was much more brother/sister. Just wrong.

Oh and going back to the subject of the formula, I did appreciate the kinda throwback ending. How many times did Connery’s films end with him evading his rescue team for some Bond girl time? Usually there was water involved.

Opening credits best ones we’ve seen so far. I love how they’re getting really stylized (yay computer technology that wasn’t available with previous Bonds). Here we’ve got x-ray vision on guns and changing backgrounds and much more complexity. I think having gone thru all of the low tech credits that brought us this far, it makes me appreciate these all the more.”

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